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PotG 009 - Make a Notebook Cover

Posted on September 1st, 2018

This episode is for the crafters!  In it, I will explain how to make a leather notebook cover for your Field Notes notebooks.  You'll need the following supplies...


  • 1 8.5x11 sheet of leather.  You'll want a firm piece of leather, not some floppsy leather that won't hold it's shape.
  • elastic cord ($5.99)
  • a charm ($1.99-$5..99)  Something decorative so you can always easily find which side is the front
  • Foldover crimps or something to tie the ends of the cord together.  This is optional if you can tie a good knot. ($2.99)


  • 1 hole punch ($8.99) or an awl or something to poke holes with.


Story Supply Co. also makes and sells some very nice covers.  If you don't want to make your own, you can get them for about $35.00.


Here's a couple bad pictures of mine...

IMG_20180901_151741.jpg  IMG_20180901_151721.jpg


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